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Community Resources

Federal, State, and local resources are available for kincare families. Eligibility for some of these programs is based upon the child’s income, while eligibility for other programs is based upon the kincare providers’ income.

Select from the links below to find out more information about kincare resources or call the 2-1-1 Idaho Careline.

TAFI Grant
Take the completed Application for Assistance to your local Health and Welfare Office or by faxing the application to 1-866-434-8278.

The Women, Infants, and Children program provides families with the following services: money to buy healthy supplemental food, education on nutrition, and outreach for caretakers. Eligibility is based on Idaho residency and the income of the caretaker. Recipients must be pregnant, breastfeeding a child under the age of one, or parents with children under the age of five.

Food Stamps
The Idaho Food Stamp Program provides food assistance to low income families in Idaho. Eligibility is based on household income and the number of people in the household.

The Idaho Child Care Program provides subsidized child care to low income families. Parents pay a co-pay, an amount determined by the size of the family and household income. Eligibility is based on household income and the number of people in the household.

Head Start
The Head Start program promotes school readiness by providing families with educational, health, nutritional, social, and other services. KinCare families are automatically eligible.

School Meals
The School Breakfast Program (SBP) provides free breakfasts to school-aged children. If your child receives a TAFI caregiver grant, he or she is automatically eligible for free school meals.

Medical and Health Resources

Infant Toddler Program
The Idaho Infant Toddler Program helps developmentally delayed children from birth to three years old. It provides therapeutic, educational, and supportive services to the child and the child’s family. Eligibility for the Infant/Toddler Program is based on an evaluation of the child.

Medicaid provides health coverage to low income households. Eligibility for kincare children is based on the income of the child.

Idaho Smiles Dental Program
The Idaho Smiles Dental Program provides dental services to Medicaid participants. If kincare children receive Medicaid, they will also participate in the Idaho Smiles Dental Program.

Delta Dental Community Outreach
Delta Dental Community Outreach is an educational campaign spreading awareness about the importance of dental health.

Tax Information

The following resources contain information about taxes for kincare providers. These resources should be used to inform you about tax policy and rules; however, this information is not meant to replace the advice of a qualified tax preparer. Furthermore, some of this information is from past tax years. For the most up-to-date information, contact a qualified tax preparer.

Earned Income Tax Credit

Federal Adoption Tax Credit

Pub 501: Qualifying Child Test

Tax Preparation Assistance:

AARP Tax-Aide
Several locations in the state offer free tax preparation for qualifying individuals. To find a location, visit the AARP Tax Aide site or call the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) at 1-800-906-9887 or call the 2-1-1 Idaho CareLine.

IRS Tax Preparation
When going to a tax preparation site, remember to bring all of the required items. To see a list of required items, visit the IRS site.

Tax Tips: Remember to always make a copy of your state and federal tax returns. The IRS requires filers to retain copies of their tax returns for at least three years (longer in certain situations).

School Information

The Educational System can be confusing for new kincare providers. The following information might help to ease this confusion.

Statewide Requirements for Enrollment
Idaho Statute requires proof of identity and birth date to enroll students (with some exceptions—see Homeless Education). This can come in the form of a certified copy of the student’s birth certificate, passport, visa, or other governmental documentation of the child’s identity.

Idaho Statute 18-4511
Idaho Code requires some immunization records for school enrollment. To learn about the immunization requirements, programs, and exceptions, see the Law for Immunization Requirements for Idaho School Children.

Idaho Administrative Code 16.02.15

Idaho Statute 39-4801

Individual School District Requirements for Enrollment
Each school district has developed its own enrollment forms and processes. These may include requirements beyond the statewide requirements. To find the requirements for your school, please contact the school district your child will be attending.

Idaho Dept of Education K-12 Schools

Homeless Education
Idaho Code and The Education of Homeless Children and Youth Program ensure that any student who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence may attend any school district or school within a district when it is determined to be in the best interest of that child. To learn more about the Education of Homeless Children and Youth Program or to contact a district liaison, please visit Idaho’s Homeless Education website.

Title IX-A: Homeless Children and Youths Idaho Statute 33-1404

Every Student Succeeds Act

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