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Foster Care and Adoption
Open your heart and home to a child who needs both. Become a foster, foster-to-adopt, or child specific adoptive (foster/adopt) parent and give their life a smile!

Becoming a foster parent means opening your life to a child or sibling group in foster care to provide them with a safe, nurturing home. It is a wonderful and life-changing experience for parent and child alike. Currently, there are approximately 1300 Idaho children in foster care, from very young children to teenagers. Some need temporary foster homes and are eventually able to return to their birth families. 

The goal of foster care is to help children continue to grow in a safe and stable environment while working with their families toward reunification, which happens about 72% of the time. Foster care placements with relatives are prioritized. If reunification is not possible, an alternative permanent home must be found. The relative or current foster family may be considered for adoption. 

In addition, there are children who are available for child-specific adoptions; many are adolescents or have child-specific needs.

Consider opening your heart and home to these children by becoming a foster, foster-to-adopt, or child specific adoptive parent. Click on the link above to obtain more information or call us at 2-1-1.

Foster Care and Adoption Info Meetings
The first step in finding out more about being a foster or adoptive parent in the State of Idaho is by attending an Information or Orientation Meeting. 

This event will give you a basic understanding of: 

  1. Who the children who need care are 
  2. The roles and responsibilities of foster/adoptive parents 
  3. The process you will need to go through to become licensed to foster or adopt  

During this meeting, you will hear from experienced foster and adoptive families about the rewards and real challenges of fostering/adopting. You will learn more about the background of some of the children and the length of time it will take to get a placement. 

At this point in the journey, you may have some very real concerns and conflicts about fostering. Don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have. Attending an orientation / information meeting does not mean you have to make any decisions right away, it only serves as a place to gather information about whether or not fostering is right for your family and guides you into the next step if you decide that it is for you.

One Church One Child Foster Care Program
One Church One Child (OCOC) is a partnership between the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, communities of faith, and other invested partners working together to improve outcomes for children in Idaho. OCOC of Idaho’s focus is on foster children, especially those who are hardest to place into forever homes which include older youth, sibling groups, and children with special needs. In addition to helping with foster and adoptive parent recruitment efforts within Idaho’s faith-based communities, OCOC strives to build a natural support system within the community for foster, adoptive and biological children and their families.

Patterned after the One Church One Child national organization founded by Father George Clements in Chicago, One Church One Child of Idaho seeks to establish long-term relationships with faith-based communities with the goal of better supporting Idaho’s children and those responsible for their care. One Church One Child in Idaho seeks to:

Recruit individuals and families within communities of faith to become licensed foster parents and/or adoptive parents; Support adoptive and foster families through training, communication, access to supports and resources; and Mobilize congregations to provide for the identified needs of foster children and their birth families who may benefit from supports to increase positive outcomes for their children.

If you or your community of faith is interested in learning more about One Church One Child in Idaho, please call us at
2-1-1 or click the link above.

Fostering Idaho
Our mission is to build a responsive, educated and stable foster care community of families that can meet a variety of needs. We recruit and support safe, nurturing, trauma-informed resource parents. These resource parents include foster, kinship, respite and adoptive caregivers. We are dedicated to provide effective support, training and resources to caregivers and the children in their care.

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