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Strengthening Idaho's Youth and Families


The Children of Incarcerated Parents project has a simple mission: create awareness and act to assist agencies that serve children of incarcerated parents; to strengthen and meet the fundamental needs of these children; and to stop the cycle of criminality within families.

We have posted several documents to provide information and resources to families that may have a parent behind bars. A good place to begin is to open the educator’s and caregiver’s toolkit. It is a simple tool that will help answer and address the fundamental questions a child’s concerns and fears. Please feel free to print and distribute this toolkit.

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FACT SHEET: Children of Incarcerated Parents

2012 TOOL KIT: Parents Behind Bars: Children of Incarcerated Family Members
Answers to children's difficult questions.

Children of Incarcerated Parents General Power Point Presentation: Children of Incarcerated Parents -- An Idaho Perspective.

Campbell System Review (2009)
Effects of parental imprisonment on child antisocial behaviour and mental health: a systematic review.