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Who Is A Family Caregiver?

Am I a Caregiver?

  • Do you fill your mother’s pill boxes and keep track of her medication?
  • Does your schedule revolve around your son’s doctor’s appointments?
  • Do you prepare meals for your dad?
  • Are you always on the hunt for accessible playgrounds for your daughter?
  • Do you handle your parents’ finances?
  • Do you take the garbage out for your elderly neighbor?
  • Do you make medical appointments for your husband?
  • Do you put sticky notes around the house to help your wife remember important things?

If you answer yes to any of the questions, congratulations … YOU are a Caregiver!

Many people who take care of a loved one don’t necessarily think of themselves as caregivers. They are just mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, neighbors, and friends who are doing what needs to be done. However, research has shown that people who self-identify as caregivers are more likely to seek support. And that is important, because research has also shown that far too often the caregiver will suffer an adverse health event and end up in potentially worse shape than the person they are caring for. So now instead of one person needing care, you have two.

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